Karate Combat gives a contract to those who win a gold medal at the Olympics

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Karate Combat gives a contract to those who win a gold medal at the Olympics

Participants in most Olympic sports can't really boast of the great earnings their results bring them. Rarely do any of the so-called smaller sports participants manage to live well solely from their successes, and it is pointless to mention them alongside some other professionals and their earnings.

Absolutely incomparable. This is why many martial arts participants use the Games to promote themselves and turn to professional sports, some to boxing, and some like judokas and wrestlers turn to MMA. This time at the Games we can follow karate for the first time, and the participants of that competition were given the opportunity to earn at the expense of what they are best at.

But, for that, they will have to win Olympic gold and after that, they will be ready to rise to a slightly different level. Namely, the announcement of a promising American martial organization, Karate Combat, appeared. "Karate is making its debut at the Olympics and it is a historic moment.

Karate Combat is thus offering a six-figure contract to anyone who wins a gold medal," said the organization's president, Adam Kovacs.


This would mean that a contract was guaranteed that would earn a minimum of one hundred thousand dollars, but it is not stated how many fights they would have to do for that.

In any case, the one who wins gold will only need to contact this organization, if he wants to bring his career to a higher level, primarily financially. Karate Combat is a promotion created in 2018 in New York and they organize tournaments in very attractive full-contact karate.

It is a much more dynamic discipline, as we have stated, more attractive and brutal than karate, which we can follow at the Olympic Games, and the fights are held in a very interesting type of arena. The third season of the Karate Combat competition is currently underway, and a total of 24 events have been held so far.

You can see a recording of some of the fights from the last one at the bottom of the text. Indeed, this will turn out to be a great move by an organization that wants to give young karate a chance to achieve their goal. It is unfortunate that one organization has to decide on such a move in order for karate athletes to earn much more.

However, it seems that there will be an expansion of karate in these years and that it is becoming a more and more popular sport. The Olympics are one of the best ways to promote, and right now they have helped many karate athletes around the world