Michael Hunter started his career in Thriller with a victory

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Michael Hunter started his career in Thriller with a victory

Michael Hunter has successfully started a new phase of his boxing career, the first match since becoming a member of the Triller Fight Club. It is a move in his career due to which he canceled the match against Filip Hrgović, automatically an opportunity to become a mandatory challenger of the IBF.

This not only deprived him of that opportunity but also slowed down the rise of Hrgović, who is still waiting for his first match this year. Hunter began his adventure within the organization (which started their rising with Jake Paul matches and the exhibition of Tyson and Jones) at the Hull Hall of Madison Square Garden, at the Triller Verz event.

Hunter was the main star of the program, and his opponent was Mike Wilson, a little-known and quality-average fighter. As might be expected, “Bounty Hunter” did his job very easily, finishing Wilson in the fourth round and that’s actually all concrete that can be said about this match or better to call it a “mismatch”.


Hunter was greeted by a belt. It is about the WBA belt of the continental American champion. If you ask us what the value belt would be in one of the four elite organizations, we could hardly find an answer, since there are really too many of them, apart from the three "main" ones (in the WBA they are great, regular and interim belt), we cannot say that they are ranked.

Apart from this, it is worth noting that the boxing program actually preceded the main one that happened at the Hulu Theater. It’s a “hip hop battle” between two groups, The Lox and Dipset. This type of duel is actually what Thriller’s primary activity is, and this time they tried to combine it with boxing, which they have recently embarked on quite ambitiously.

As for Hunter, he said with satisfaction that he expects a lot from his own collaboration with Thriller. But if that means matches like this, it will hardly have too much sporting significance. According to BoxRec, Hunter is the seventh heavyweight in the world and as such should fight the best, not Mike Wilson and similar boxers, no matter how well Triller probably paid him very well, with the goal of making him one of those around whom to build his boxing story. We will find out if this will turn out to be a good move, or will it still be a mistake that will cost him