White: "I'm praying De La Hoya gets knocked out"

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White: "I'm praying De La Hoya gets knocked out"

The first official press conference of Oscar De La Hoya and Vitor Belfort was recently held, with which Triller confirmed that the match will take place on September 11th. The return of one of the most successful and popular boxers of all time is a big deal, and neither his opponent is an easy obstacle.

After all, Belfort is a former champion and winner of the UFC Grand Prix and the owner of as many as 12 victories by knockout in the Octagon. One of those who will keep a close eye on what’s going on, due to a formerly close relationship with both of them, is UFC President Dana White.

He appears quite often in various interviews these days, and one of those who has had the opportunity to host him is the famous podcaster, Pat McAfee.

White on Vitor

Unlike the others, who mostly stick to UFC topics, McAfee decided to comment on De La Hoya and Belfort with White and he heard the statements he probably hoped for.

"I pray Vitor knocks out that junkie - and brutally. Brutally and violently," White said, explaining why he thinks it won't be an easy job: "As much as I can't stand that bag of s*it, he's a very serious boxer.

At the time we were cultivating good relations, I was in his camp. He was able to knock people out right in front." "De La Hoya in his 'prime' was something special. This is a real fight between two fighters.

Vitor has what it takes to knock him out, but De La Hoya is no joke. " Still, he believes there are reasons why there could be an epilogue that will satisfy him. "I hope the sniffing of cocaine, drinking tequila, and whatever s*it that guy did affect him.

So one real blow to Vitor's big mouth would be enough to knock him out and leave him unconscious," White concluded. . White and De La Hoya were very close for a while, only to then separate, but maintained correct relationships until 2017.

Then Da La Hoya, at a time when he was moving in the organization of the match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr., started with fierce criticism of the same, and all resulted in a lengthy post on Facebook, in which he said quite ugly words about the people involved in the match.

The UFC president couldn’t get over it easily and has since used every opportunity to discredit the “Golden Boy”.