McGregor's promoter want to cancel Pacquiao's match

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McGregor's promoter want to cancel Pacquiao's match
McGregor's promoter want to cancel Pacquiao's match (Provided by Sport World News)

19 days before the big boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Errol Spence Jr. was to take place, it became compromised legally. Namely, after a lawsuit was filed against Manny Pacquiao by Paradigm Sports Management last month, now the same management agency has launched something called "motion" in the American legal system.

It is a request for a court decision on a particular issue, which is important because some other actions affect the legal process itself. Paradigm Sports Management is an agency co-owned by Conor Mcgregor and is run by his longtime manager and business partner, Audie Attar.

In June, they sued Pacquiao over a contract the Filipino had with them, signed in February last year, and they demanded $ 3.3 million for violating the same. This is not about a match against McGregor, but one that was supposed to be played against Mikey Garcia, but a pandemic prevented it.

They claim that Pacquiao signed the contract for the match against Spence without informing them and that he thus damaged them for a certain financial amount, but it also had a negative effect on their reputation. Pacquiao claims he has no obligation to Paradigm, as the contract did not include a previously agreed figure of $ 25 million.

In addition, he claims that he already had a contract with TGB promotion before his contract with Paradigm, and they are the organizers of the match against Spence. Therefore, they claim that Attar and McGregor have absolutely no right to sue and that the match planned for August 21 is not jeopardized.

Blocking the match

Paradigm hereby aims to block the said match, but also to prohibit Pacquiao from making any appearances before the original lawsuit is legally concluded. Something similar was done by Deontay Wilder when he caused the cancellation of the match between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury.

For now, it seems like these are all desperate moves by Paradigm, but also Tyson Fury claimed that Wilder has no chance of jeopardizing the matches against Joshua so we saw what happened. Unfortunately, this is just another proof of what today's professional boxing is all about.

The boxers themselves are the least asked, and we know that they only care about fighting. Unfortunately, each of them has too many people around them looking for their share of the cake around each match. It’s one big financial game and there’s currently no way to see how anything can change.

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