French boxer went crazy after the referee's decision

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French boxer went crazy after the referee's decision

The super heavyweight category of the boxing tournament in Tokyo got the first semifinalists. One of the main favorites, Uzbek Bakhodir Jalolov, dominantly defeated Indian Satish Kumar. All five referees unanimously awarded the victory (30-27 x5) to the great representative of Uzbekistan.

Jalolov will face Britain's Fraser Clarke in the semifinals. Clarke knocked out Frenchman Mourad Aliyev in their quarterfinal match, but the end of the fight brings great controversy. The referee stopped the fight in the second round.

Clarke suffered a cut above his left eye, but Aliyev was disqualified for hitting his head. From the very beginning of the fight, it was clear that this would be a fight with a handful of moves on the verge of regularity.

Both fighters opened the fight aggressively. Three referees saw the French representative as a better fighter in the first round, and the other two scored the same result (10-9) in the first round in favor of Clarke. The second round brings increasing dominance of Aliyev.

The Frenchman hit whenever the opportunity showed, the Briton found it increasingly difficult to cope with the pressure. However, during one of the exchanges in the clinch, the referee separates the fighters and stopped the fight due to an allegedly deliberate blow to the head by Aliyev who had previously been warned for careless head movements.


The Frenchman went crazy, reacted violently to the referee, and tried to kick the gum for the teeth towards the stands (he missed). Mourad Aliyev managed to reach the camera by the ring and yelled saying "No, no, I won."

Angry Aliyev remained sitting on the edge of the ring for the next 30 minutes after the fight ended, and the French team appealed the decision. By the way, Mourad Aliyev was the last remaining French representative at the boxing tournament, and since appeals of this type are really rarely accepted, it seems that he will be left without a medal.

Unfortunately, after boxing was the most controversial sport of the Rio Games, it seems that this year will not pass without problems caused primarily by the referees and their decisions. We would like to remind you that, in addition to several difficult-to-explain decisions (including the one that eliminated Hrvoje Sep), the decision from the semifinals of the bantamweight category caused the most storm at the last Games.

There, the world and European champion, Michael Conlan, was defeated by Vladimir Nikitin, and we can say that the whole world agreed that it was an extremely bad decision. This resulted in the IOC taking away AIBA's control over Olympic boxing, but unfortunately not everything went smoothly in Tokyo either. Of course, there will always be decisions that someone will not agree with, but some things still cross such boundaries.