Canelo-Plant fight probably won’t take place!

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Canelo-Plant fight probably won’t take place!

After several weeks of negotiating various topics related to the match that would bring the absolute boxing champion of the super middleweight category, the representatives of Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant did not find a common language and the talks ended and the match will not take place.

It’s actually just a true picture of what professional boxing has become today and what it all takes to go through to arrange some match that has arguably the most sporting meaning. Since the 31-year-old Canelo added the WBO to his WBA and WBC belts with his May victory over Billy Joe Saunders, he is only missing the IBF for the title of absolute champion up to 76.2 kilograms.

Plant, two years younger, is an undefeated British boxer, who took the IBF title in 2019 and has defended it three times so far. But the fact is that so far he has avoided the best ones. As he owns what Canelo wants the most, negotiations have begun for the match that would take place on September 18th.

To begin with, it is worth mentioning that Canelo, since he terminated his contract with Oscar De La Hoya and DAZN, has been representing himself and has so far signed contracts for one match each. He did the last three under the auspices of Eddie Hearn's Matchroom Boxing.

But since Plant is a boxer under contract with Premier Boxing Champions organization Al Haymon, this time it should be agreed with them. Canelo very easily accepted the option in which PBC would take over the organization, and he was persuaded to do so by the highest honorarium of his career.

The problem was with the contract. Haymon tried at all costs to persuade him to sign a three-match contract, but he refused. In the end, it was up to him and the next round of negotiations started.

Plant about the fight

At the moment when it seemed that the match should be confirmed soon, information appeared that everything had broken down, and accusations were coming from both sides towards the other, that is, desires that they considered insane and which they were not ready to accept.

MiP Coppinger was the first to report the termination of negotiations to ESPN, a well-known boxing "insider", writing that he had received information that the contract had moved from Haymon to Canelo's team several times and that there would always be items that the other side would not be willing to put their signature on the line.

"His barking is stronger than he can bite. I think the real motive is his legacy or money. Canelo got the biggest honorarium of his career. He was supposed to earn $ 40 million, with Mexican TV rights and sponsorship."

"It wasn't a problem for us, we just wanted to fight. We gave him everything he asked for. Then they asked for an even higher percentage of ticket revenue and PPV. No problem, just to do that match, "Plant told ESPN, continuing: "They asked for some more absurd things, as well as a rematch clause.

What is most absurd. If I get hurt or sick, he gets a late replacement and fights for the same amount of money." "If that happens to him, we would have to wait. We are seven and a half weeks away from the match, we lost precious time we could spend promoting the match. "