Tim Tszyu wants to win the belt against Horn

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Tim Tszyu wants to win the belt against Horn

Tim Tszyu, an Australian boxer, will soon have a match with Jeff Horn in which he wants to win the belt. He believes that a true champion must also know how to remain a champion. "There's a lot of things that separate Jeff, an average world champion professional boxer, from a world-class contender," Tszyu tells ESPN.

"Becoming a world champion is one thing, but staying world champion is another thing. "He's reached his highs and he doesn't have the characteristics to stay as a world champion. I mean, look at what Crawford did to him.

I don't think Horn even won two or three seconds of that fight. That just proves the different class." "That's the difference [between me and him]. Once I win a world title, I will stay a champion. I will show the two different classes we're at right now."

Tszyu's father

He is proud of his father who was a boxer himself and says he managed everything without his help "In my career, what I've accomplished and what I'm doing, my dad doesn't play much of a role.

I do my own stuff," Tszyu tells ESPN. "He taught me one thing and that's work ethic, because of that I am who I am. If you want to succeed you have to put in the work. "I'm proud of what my dad achieved.

He's the greatest boxer in Australian and Russian sports history. I do everything that he's done. There's a blueprint. If I could do half of what he did, I'm going to be a great in this sport." He wants to show once again that he is the best and looks like he will have no mercy on Horn "I'm going to hit him from the top down and I'm going to keep hitting him until he gives up.

I will hit him so hard that he quits," Tszyu warned. "I'm eager to get back into the ring and proving that I am in the best in Australia. I'm at the point in my career where I'm in the best shape of my life.

"I want to win convincingly. I want to win by KO and I've trained for that. Whatever way it goes the only thing on my mind is victory." He says he wants to become a champion "The international level is the stage I want to be at," he says.

"I want to climb up the rankings to not just be No. 1 but to be the champ and to remain the champ. Life's a journey you just have to take it step-by-step. Hopefully after this fight I can move on to bigger and better things."