Joe Joyce was better than Takam!

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Joe Joyce was better than Takam!

Probably not even Carlos Takam will not understand what happened in his match against Joe Joyce. The Cameroonian did a great job, hitting great shots and giving the impression that he has control over the winner of the Olympic silver medal from Rio de Janeiro.

And then all of a sudden everything turned around and he didn’t even make it halfway through the sixth round, and Joyce had his hands in the air and the WBC Silver and WBO International belts on his shoulders. Joyce (13-0, 12 KO) looked bad in the very opening of the match.

Slow, predictable, and by no means active enough. Takam, on the other hand, came in determined to do a good job and possibly win. And indeed the match seemed to be heading towards that, especially in the first three rounds.

Joyce gave the impression of a tired boxer from later rounds, not someone who had just entered the match as the Cameroonian went forward and started hitting. It wasn’t until the very end of the third round that Joyce showed what he could do when he shook Takam almost with the sound of a bell for the end of the round.

Takam was probably amazed that Joyce managed to get everything in the first three rounds, but he didn’t stop. His boxing style is aggressive and in fact when he stops doing it he becomes a relatively easy target. However, it was noticed that he spent a lot in the first three rounds and slowed down, which leads to a more uncertain match, but also an opportunity for Joyce to start doing his job more seriously.


Thus, the fourth and fifth rounds were relatively equal and each boxer had his moments. Although the Cameroonian visibly slowed down these combinations with individual shots, it could not be expected that everything would be over at the very beginning of the sixth round.

It took the Briton just three seconds for the lightning combination, after which the legs of the 40-year-old Takam danced. Joyce recognized his opportunity there, so in the style of his own nickname, he attacked everything he possessed.

He chose shots well, and Takam kept going forward, even though he didn’t actually do anything to block shots. At one point, the Cameroonian seemed more seriously shaken, as the blow threw him on the ropes and the referee then jumped in and stopped the match.

Takam reacted angrily, claiming he was still completely inside the match. He pushed the referee away and he could face punishment. When you look at it realistically, looking at the situation in the first five rounds, the fairest thing would be if the match lasted as long as the Cameroonian is on his feet.

This will remain a kind of controversy, so we can already see the comments of fans who claim that the referee was just waiting for the opportunity to stop the match and declare the local boxer, otherwise the player of the organizer of the event, Frank Warren, the winner.