Joshua believes Usyk is just as good as Fury

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Joshua believes Usyk is just as good as Fury

It’s not easy to come to terms with the fact that Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury won’t be doing their long-awaited match this year after all. The mess made by Deontay Wilder, eventually actually invoking his right, was nevertheless resolved to the satisfaction of the fans, at least as far as possible.

On September 25, we will follow the match between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk, which is very interesting in several segments. Joshua still faces a big risk, much bigger than before the usual title fights, which are the result of pressure.

Defeat is by no means an option for him because that would ruin the big match that everyone expected.

Match against Fury

About this arranged match, he said something in an interview for Sky Sports, shortly after it was officially confirmed.

For a start, though, he had to turn to the failed match against Fury and what went wrong. "I don't want to point a finger anywhere. I was ready for anything and I moved forward. I have another challenger in front of me who is good, just as good as Fury."

"I have to be very serious about this match. He will definitely be better than ever, he will definitely give me give a real fight. That's what I need, opponents who are serious, "said the owner of three world belts, confirming that he has moved on: "I wanted to box for the title of absolute world champion because it's a big fight for the fans.

We had everything ready, but I can't regret it, I had to move on." "It's up to me to box, stay active and ready. When I beat Usyk, who he knows what will happen next. Will I fight Fury, Wilder, Dillian Whyte, Andy Ruiz or Luis Ortiz, who knows? " It’s actually a real look at the future and what’s to come, especially in the uncertainty that today’s professional boxing brings.

It should certainly be important to fight as often as possible, especially after he has only played one match in the last two years. "I have to stay on my way and have some long-term goal. It's not a matter of belts, it's not a matter of people, I don't care who will be against me.

I only care about the legacy," Joshua confirmed the plans. The match against Usyk will be held over 60 thousand fans at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.