Match between Lopez and Kambosos is about to be canceled

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Match between Lopez and Kambosos is about to be canceled

When Triller invested big money to get the right to organize a match for the WBO, WBA, and IBF lightweight title, between Teofimo Lopez and Georges Kambosos, they triumphantly celebrated entering among the big players within the organization of boxing matches.

A couple of months later, it looks like they might experience a fiasco. Namely, after the match planned for last month was canceled only a week before the event, due to Teofim's positive COVID-19 test, August 14 was chosen as the new date.

The original plan was to have the same program, but in the end, it was ruined after Triller decided to organize the match in Australia, otherwise the homeland of the challengers Kambosos (19-0, 10 KO). As the famous "insider" found out, Mike Copinger, Teofimo Lopez, and his team do not intend to accept that, and what bothers them the most is the two-week quarantine upon arrival in Australia.

The reason why Triller intends to move the match "Down Under" is purely financial. It is assumed that by canceling the originally planned match, they lost five million dollars and now they somehow intend to return it.

In Australia, it would be possible to organize a match at a full stadium, and at the same time, it is probably the only country where so many tickets could be sold for that match. In addition, no COVID-19 measures are in force in Australia, other than the quarantine already mentioned.

IBF belt

If Lopez does not accept this match, he will be left without an IBF belt, as Cambosos is a mandatory challenger for the same. In that case, the Australian would fight another boxer, probably also at home. Lopez could turn to some other challenges.

He has already stated that the IBF belt is not important to him because it is known who the champion is. But he was also guaranteed $ 4 million for this match by Thriller, which is certainly the biggest fee of his career so far.

For a match where he would be the absolute favorite and where the eventual victory of Kambosos would be a huge surprise. Does this open an opportunity for a rematch between Lopez and Vasyl Lomachenko? Lopez was not initially interested in that match, but now a situation has occurred where the Ukrainian made a brilliant performance against Masayoshi Nakatani in his last match.

There is automatically a stronger global interest in the match and it seems that Top Rank is ready to grab deep and offer fees that are hard to refuse. It would definitely be one of the biggest matches this year. Of course, not everything is resolved yet regarding the match between Lopez and Kambosos.

The biggest loss for Triller would be to be left completely without a match and they will certainly try to do as much as they can to minimize their losses, which now seem inevitable.