Jake Paul on McGregor: "I'd knock fake teeth out of his mouth"

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Jake Paul on McGregor: "I'd knock fake teeth out of his mouth"

Tyron Woodley carries a heavy burden on his back in the run-up to the August 29 fight against Jake Paul. It is often said that "T-Wood" is actually going on a mission to save the martial arts because the young YouTuber does not plan to stop calling out many UFC fighters.

If he manages to beat UFC's former champion, Woodley, after Ben Askren, it's hard to imagine how far Jake's "trash talk" will go. Paul held a press conference as an additional announcement to fight Woodley but did not miss the opportunity to touch on Conor McGregor who lost to Dustin Poirier at the UFC 264 event last weekend.

'' The fun thing is that I've predicted everything that's happened so far. 18 months ago I was talking about how I wanted to fight Conor and everyone was laughing at me. Now I laugh at Conor who is sitting in a cage with a broken ankle and needs Jake Paul more than I need him."

"I offer him $ 23 to fight. If we ever fought, I'd knock fake teeth out of his mouth. Dustin Poirier beat that guy. Don’t get me wrong, Dustin is an amazing fighter and a great guy." "However, he is 10 inches shorter than me and 20 pounds lighter (Paul took Poirier’s weight at the official weigh-in as authoritative, op.a.).

So Conor wouldn't have a chance against me, '' Jake Paul told the audience.

Paul on Woodley

Although the young man claims Conor needs him, the reality is that the Irishman has never expressed the slightest interest in such a fight, and was particularly critical of Floyd Mayweather after accepting a fight against Logan Paul.

The 24-year-old Youtube star then looked back on the fight against Woodley. '' You've never been in a fight like this where the whole MMA community is counting on you. That is why you will earn the largest amount in your career so far."

"When you lost to Kamaru Usman, Gilbert Burns, you used excuses that they were the best fighters. What happens when you lose to Jake Paul? You will become the object of ridicule on the internet." "Look at your coaches.

Who is your coach anyway? Is it Pedro Diaz or Eric Brown? Maybe it's Floyd Mayweather after all? You change coaches as often as you make kids. How many children do you have? You're a 39-year-old who can't get it out on time."

Paul said, explaining why he'd beat Woodley. '' I pair with the best in the world - Andrew Tabiti, Jean-Pascal, J'Leon Love, Rob Sifar, etc. When I knock out Tyron, people will realize I'm the right thing."

"When confronted by Woodley, I saw a man who accepted a fight just for a good cash payment. I watched a man who was defeated many times and will now be retired by a Youtube-Disney star-boxer. ''