Fury vs Wilder rematch postponed

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Fury vs Wilder rematch postponed

Next weekend we were supposed to watch the third match between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, but the English fighter had to cancel the fight because there was a mass coronavirus infection in his camp. The "Gypsy King" also became infected and it was simply not possible for the fight to take place on July 24 as planned.

The new date of the fight will be October 9, and the location of the fight remains the same, that is, the fight will continue to be held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Tyson Fury spoke out about the cancellation of the fight and made the statement in his characteristic style full of confidence.

'' I wanted to break 'Big Dosser' more than anything, but it looks like the beating will have to wait. To avoid confusion, I will return stronger than ever. We will fight on October 9 and I will knock him out, '' Fury told ESPN.

By the way, "Dosser" is a nickname that Fury provided to Wilder, and even paid the famous Urban Dictionary website to connect the term with Wilder. The term originated after the first fight when Fury thought that Wilder was given a draw and "Gypsy King" often addresses Deontay Wilder with that term.

The word "dosser" officially means homeless.


We hope that the fight on October 9 will not run into any problems again and that we will finally see the culmination of this trilogy, after which both fighters should continue their careers in their own direction.

The winner will almost certainly fight Anthony Joshua. The heavyweight category is somewhat hampered by this trilogy and everyone can’t wait to finish. Fury certainly as we already know has an extra motive to win this match, given the provocations from Wilder and ultimately all those objections he had to the last match.

However, Wilder may be even more motivated because he believes that the previous match was not fair for several reasons. There are many reasons given by Wilder, but the main one is that he will do his best to beat Fury and show that he is a better fighter.

Fury was supposed to have a match with Joshua but unfortunately for him, the court decided a different outcome. Wilder was given the right to a rematch and will try to take advantage of the opportunity. We expect the situation to end as soon as possible and we hope for a good match