Andy Ruiz Jr. wants to return in September

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Andy Ruiz Jr. wants to return in September

Two and a half months have passed since the victory of Andy Ruiz Jr. over Chris Arreola, in a match where Ruiz wasn’t at the right level, especially if we look at him having a veteran against him who was expected to easily beat him.

The main thing is that he has won and that he can turn to the next challenges. These challenges should follow soon, especially if we know he wants to fight again as soon as possible. Fox Deportes informed about his plans, quoting one statement.

"I want to stay in line and continue on my way to the zone where I will have a chance to get to the top. Yes, in the last fight I was a little worse than I should have been and I didn't feel like in some other fights," Ruiz said, adding that at no point was he an option to replace Tyson Fury in the match against Deontay Wilder.

As for returning to the ring, the same media revealed that "Destroyer" wants to fight in September and that he has two potential opponents in mind.

Ortiz and Whyte

The first would be Dillian Whyte, who openly criticized Ruiz's latest performance, saying he considers Chris Arreola a winner and wants to fight him.

But it can be assumed that he wanted to provoke the former champion. His other wish is another former champion, Luis Ortiz. The 42-year-old "King Kong" has held a temporary WBA title for some time now, but is much better known for his two wars with Deontay Wilder.

But in both, he suffered a knockout defeat, despite a lead on points cards. Still, many believe that his best days are behind him as well and that at the moment he can still only serve to have someone fix his resume through him.

It seems that Ruiz is still eager to fight and has the same fire in him as before, and certainly whoever his next opponent is will have a difficult task. Ruiz has remained consistent with his boxing, his attitude and does not give up on his goals.

We know how powerful Ruiz can be and how good he can be, although the last fights didn't look the best for him. Apparently, he is training hard and is already slowly preparing for the next match. We will have a great match in which Ruiz will once again try to show everything she has