Roach believes Thurman is a better fighter than Spence Jr.

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Roach believes Thurman is a better fighter than Spence Jr.

Manny Pacquiao will soon be fighting Errol Spence Jr. which will certainly not be an easy task given the strength and quality Errol possesses. Freddie Roach still thinks that Pacquiao is a better fighter and that he will surely win over Spence, so he is happy that Manny wants a fight with serious opponents.

“I think it’s the right fight for him now,” Roach said, as quoted by boxingscene “I think his last opponent [Thurman] is actually better than Spence. I’ve been studying [Spence’s] tapes and so forth and going through what he does well and what he doesn’t do well."

"And I think it’s a good fight for Manny. I like the fight a lot. And I like that it’s a competitive fight. I like that Manny doesn’t just wanna fight stiffs or actors or whatever it may be. He’s still fighting real people”.

Roach believes that neither of them will have an easy task, considering that both fighters are great fighters and have excellent results behind them. Bookmakers consider Spence to be a slight favorite, but most boxing fans do not have such an opinion.

Roach is proud of Pacquiao and we believe most will enjoy the fight between the two top fighters “This fight is a real fight,” Roach said. “And this is not an easy fight for either person." "We had a real nice press conference [Sunday].

They both were very respectful of each other, and they both are gonna come to win. That’s for sure. That’s what we intend to do”.


Like any coach, Roach analyzed the future opponent and tried to see the shortcomings he possessed, and he will certainly try to take advantage of those shortcomings he saw.

Still, Roach believes Thurman is a more complete fighter, even though he has previously lost to Pacquiao. In his opinion, Thurman is stronger, more mobile, and has what Spence lacks. But he certainly won’t underestimate Spence because who knows if Spence will change his fighting style and will prepare something special for us “Just watching tapes on them and studying both fighters,” Roach said, “I think Thurman throws more combinations and I think he’s a little bit stronger.

Spence has a few flaws. He makes some mistakes that we’re gonna take advantage of. Watching tapes on both guys, I see more mistakes by Spence than I did with Thurman”. We have to wait for the fight and hope for a real spectacle that we will not forget