Dillian Whyte wants a fight against Wilder

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Dillian Whyte wants a fight against Wilder

It is increasingly likely that the boxing match between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder will be postponed for some of the dates in October. Namely, COVID-19 appeared at Fury’s camp, and this hampered preparations in such a way that “Gipsy King” was forced to cancel a match that was originally scheduled to take place on July 24th.

Why the postponement would be until October is not known, but it is even a month behind the also rather late match between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk. You don’t have to brainstorm much to conclude that this would mean that from the Fury and Joshua match there will be nothing minimal until the end of winter or the beginning of spring next year.

Of course, if they do their job, i.e if they celebrate in the aforementioned matches before that. Meanwhile, a reaction to this delay has emerged from interim WBC heavyweight champion Dillian Whyte. As the man holding that belt, and thus the position of the mandatory challenger (if the WBC decides to activate it), he believes that he should have received an invitation to the match or that Fury's title should have been taken from him and awarded to him.

Namely, Gipsy King has not defended the title since February last year and the first match against Wilder, which his English heavyweight counterpart considers unacceptable. "Because of situations like this, there is a temporary champion.

When something like this happens, when matches fail, when a champion is injured or can't fight or when there is any reason he is unable to defend the title, then the interim champion jumps in," Whyte told interview for Sky Sports, continuing: "That's the way Wilder actually became champion.

Remember how Vitali Klitschko couldn't defend the title because he was in the process of fighting for the mayor's seat." "They made him 'Emeritus' champion, and they made another belt and decided to give it to the winner in the fight of Stivern and Arreola, and the winner fought Wilder, this is a similar situation."

"Make me a world champion! I will fight Wilder as a world champion, the winner then fights Fury and then that winner against Joshua for the absolute champion. You can finish everything in one move."

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But this will be difficult to achieve.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman even recently stated that Whyte, despite the temporary title, is by no means an obligatory challenger and that more will be known about the situation of the title fight after the match, then still planned for July 24.

However, Whyte believes that this can change now. "The only way Wilder will fight me is if I'm a world champion. If the WBC makes me like that and orders a fight, it will happen. I've been trying to be a solution since the beginning of my career and I'm ready to fight anyone."

"I'm not interested in politics, I want to fight. Tyson Fury held all the titles and never defended any. A year and a half have passed since he won the WBC belt and nothing." "Just excuses. What's going on? This is a joke.

The WBC should declare Fury the champion at rest as what they did with Devin Haney, give me a belt, and put me in a position to fight all those guys." "I beat more Top 15 fighters than Wilder and Fury combined, "he angrily asked for what he thought belonged to him.