Gilberto Ramirez believes in the fight against Canelo Alvarez

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Gilberto Ramirez believes in the fight against Canelo Alvarez

In December last year, we finally welcomed the return to the ring of Gilbert “Zurda” Ramirez (41-0, 27 KOs). The former WBO super middleweight champion had a break after moving to the light heavyweight division, but against Alfonso Lopez, he confirmed that form had not dropped.

After all, this Mexican is only 30 years old and his best results are yet to come. Of course, the boxing public is also interested in Zurdo because of his ratio, which brings the professional closest to the record of Floyd Mayweather Jr., who retired 50-0.

He is nine wins away from that, and he will try to achieve the first one this weekend against Sullivan Barrera (22-3, 14 KOs), in a match where he will defend the North American title. His intention is to continue a path that did not actually go as he had hoped in his beginnings.

"As an amateur, I lost my first eight matches and then I said something like that would never happen to me again. My pride was at stake and I told myself I needed to work, be disciplined, and believe in myself," he said to Boxing Scene.

He feels comfortable

He is currently building his career with the help of Oscar De La Hoya, who is one of the creditors for choosing to move to the light heavyweight division. "I think this is my perfect weight, I feel comfortable and strong.

I think this match will be good and I will have the opportunity to perform in front of a lot of Mexicans." "I want to give them all a good show," he confirmed the intentions, before being asked about it when an attack on the title could ensue.

He didn't say much about it, although it is clear that it could be in the next match, that is why he was not indifferent to the issue related to a possible match against Canelo Alvarez. "That match is sure to happen in the future and it's good that people are looking for it.

Everyone is hoping to see a war between two Mexicans," the brilliant boxer, who doesn't talk much outside the ring, briefly confirmed, although he revealed he improved his English and even read two books. It will certainly come in handy if he intends to become a global star for which he certainly has the potential. We still don't know what will happen, but it would be fantastic for Ramirez to continue with his wins.