Tyson Fury impressed with the Pauls brothers

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Tyson Fury impressed with the Pauls brothers

Famous YouTubers are attracting a lot of public attention and it is known that many have different opinions about them. While some see no problem in the whole story, a certain section of people feels that such fights belittle boxing.

The current holder of the WBCs and The Ring heavyweight belt belongs to a group of people who have no problem with the new trend. On the contrary, he praised the Paul brothers and expressed delight at their performances. '' I'm pretty impressed with the Paul brothers, both of them.

To be honest, they brought a breath of fresh air to the boxing scene. Congratulations guys. '' said '' Gypsy King '' in an interview with TMZ Sports. Tommy Fury is the half-brother of Tyson Fury (a different mother). The 22-year-old Briton is also a professional boxer but gained fame by participating in the British reality show Love Island.

So far, he has done six professional boxing matches, and he has celebrated all six times. He recorded four victories by knockout and often expresses a desire to fight Jake Paul.

Furry on Tommy

Both have a wide fan base on social media and would certainly attract a lot of interest from an audience that doesn’t otherwise follow boxing.

Tyson Fury looked back at a potential match between his half-brother and Jake Paul. '' I think Tommy would knock him out. I consider Jake a good fighter, but Tommy is an explosive hitter, '' said Tyson Fury. Whether you accept this youtube trend on the boxing scene or not, the fact is that it is happening and is currently inevitable.

Whether this trend will be just a passing phase in boxing or will it become something permanent and big remains to be seen. Jake Paul is hard at work preparing for Aug. 28 when he plays against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley, and after that who knows.

Maybe just young Fury will be his next opponent. A lot depends on Tyron Woodley’s performance. Every match of the Paul brothers arouses great interest, so would this one between Jake and Tommy, who are maximally motivated and want to prove themselves in this sport as soon as possible and thus open a puit for even greater success.

Many who have watched Tommy say he is a phenomenal fighter, fast, and a good shot. Was Tyson the one who helped him? We don't know that yet, but we know for sure that he will give him advice on how to be as good as possible in the future

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