Prince Charles Martin continued to provoke Whyte

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Prince Charles Martin continued to provoke Whyte

Prince Charles Martin has shown interest in a summer showdown with Whyte. Whyte is currently considering options and looking for an opponent to fight. Charles Martin previously said: “Whyte is an easy fight. He takes too many clean punches.

" Of course, this provoked the reaction of Whyte who could not remain silent at it. "It sounds like Charles Martin is up to his old tricks and is desperate for a payday to keep him going. Nothing he says worries me in the slightest.

Ravings of a deluded fool." - said, Whyte Now after that came Martin's answer "Boy, you talking all that slick mess. You ain't the prize, Fury is the prize. Joshua is the prize. "You going to come over here, all the way to America to fight a bum, and not me."

"Why don't you let me welcome you here by knocking you out. You know what I'm saying. "I'm rated all across the board brother, so who else you going to fight? Martin tried again to provoke Whyte's reaction and felt it necessary to get to their fight "If you really want to convince people that I'm easy, then why don't you come over here and take this easy money from me then? Because you know you can't do that.

"Stop hiding behind Eddie Hearn."


Jermaine Franklin is the name on Whyte's list, as he claimed by himself "Jermaine Franklin is in the running," Whyte told Sky Sports. "There are a few other guys in the running as well, so we're just waiting to see what is going on.

"The plan is to have the biggest and the best fights I can wherever they are. I've been chasing the big fights for a long time. Martin seems quite frustrated that he has failed to arrange a single fight with the top names "I'm willing to fight anyone, but it's been hard getting the challenges I want.

I've been trying to fight Wilder for 600 years. I've been trying to fight Tyson Fury, I've been trying to fight Joshua, I've been trying to fight Andy Ruiz, I've been trying to fight Luis Ortiz. "I've been trying to fight all of these guys but none of them wants to fight, so I have to take the next available dangerous contenders down the list.

If it's America, then let's go!" We hope that Martin's wish will be fulfilled soon and we will see if he will be able to be better than the mentioned names (of course if that happens)