Whyte revealed a potential name for the next fight

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Whyte revealed a potential name for the next fight

After opening 2021 by avenging a heavy defeat by Alexander Povetkin, literally walking through a recently retired Russian, Dillian Whyte (28-2, 19 KOs) is looking for the right path to continue a career. He is certainly one of those heavyweights who have references to attack one of the world titles, but it is clear that this will not be an option for some time to come.

So he decided to build his name on American soil. Whyte intends to play his second match "across the pond" (the first after 2017) at the end of August, and he has already revealed that negotiations are underway with one particular boxer.

That’s Jermaine Franklin (20-0, 13 KOs), an American boxer who didn’t perform in October 2019, when he defeated Rydell Booker. At the same time, Booker, the last opponent of Filip Hrgović, is somehow the most famous boxer that Franklin defeated.

Why Eddie Hearn and Whyte chose him is hard to guess. All in all, regardless of quality, Franklin is by no means a boxer against whom Dillian could have a strong effect by winning, and the mention of his name caused astonishment among the martial arts media and fans.

Especially since he is not on any ranking scale, including BoxReca, from which he was removed due to inactivity.

Charles Martin

On the other hand, the match against Whyte is openly sought by Charles Martin (28-2-1, 25 KOs).

The former world champion is in three of the four rankings and is currently in a string of three wins. In addition, he is certainly a big name, although this 35-year-old is still not at the level he was five years ago, when he won the world title, but then he quickly lost to Anthony Joshua.

Dillian is by no means interested in that match. "Charles Martin seems to have accepted some of his old tricks because he's so desperate to get some big honorarium. Nothing he says worries me, not in the least."

"It's all words of a delusional fool. He's not the type you'll be thrilled to find out that he wants to fight you. He's just a useless scumbag, "Whyte told Sky Sports. Martin has not fought since February 2020, when he defeated Gerald Washington.

BoxRec still ranks him very high, as the 14th heavyweight in the world. Yet, obviously for various reasons not enough for Whyte to accept building a name in America through him.