Mayweather decided to help Woodley

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Mayweather decided to help Woodley
Mayweather decided to help Woodley (Provided by Sport World News)

On August 28, Tyron Woodley will have a match against Jake Paul. Against the YouTube star and now legitimately a big boxing star, in the opinion of many, he will defend the honor of MMA, a sport in which he was a champion for a significant time, ie the holder of the UFC welterweight category.

Woodley’s boxing has always been very correct, especially if we add his knockout strength to everything and it will definitely be the biggest test for Paul so far. Namely, in his three professional matches so far, Paul has defeated two amateur fighters and Ben Askren, a wrestler and MMA fighter whose boxing has always been the weakest part of his arsenal.

Against a man who built his way by knockouts, we will find out how good he really is. But even Woodley did not take the match for granted, that is, only as something where he would take a significant fee. He truly wants to master Paul and there is no doubt that he will come fully prepared.

The best proof of this is that he decided to get useful tips from Floyd Mayweather Jr. It is not currently known what the nature of this collaboration is, but Woodley posted several photos from the training via social media.

Additional photos were posted on his Instagram by the official Mayweather photographer, known as Don.

Woodley accepted the invitation

Woodley actually accepted the invitation that Mayweather sent him a few days before he did the match against Jake's brother Logan.

"Bring me, Tyron Woodley. I'll take care of his real camp, I'll train him for that match. I want Tyron Woodley to come to Las Vegas and work with us," Floyd said that way, and Woodley apparently accepted the invitation. Regardless of how long this collaboration will last and whether Floyd will really run Woodley’s entire camp, but also some initial tips should definitely help Woodley prepare for this match.

Interestingly, the bookmakers set Paul as the favorite, which slightly angered certain MMA fighters, and they said that they hoped that T-Wood would "cut off his head". Training with the best boxer of recent times is certainly a good step towards meeting the goal.

Woodley is certainly the favorite for the most part regardless of the bookmarkers, and he will have an additional motive to be the winner in that match, and it is certain that his task will be made easier with the help of Mayweather

We all know what kind of boxer Mayweather is and what kind of score he has.

Given his knowledge and the successes he has achieved, there is no better person who could instruct him on how to fight that day