Whyte is ready for the match against Povetkin

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Whyte is ready for the match against Povetkin

The match between Whyte and Povetkin, which has been waiting for so long, will finally take place today. The match was postponed due to the coronavirus and was originally scheduled to take place in May "Of course it has been a frustrating time," Whyte told, as quoted by ESPN "It wasn't the best time for me but hard times breed hard man and I was a hard f****r anyway.

We have learned a lot and we understand a bit more about boxing now. "I had to deal with a dangerous opponent [Wach], who had been training for months but I only got the call at three weeks' notice. "I wasn't in the best shape, I was 20 pounds over, but I still won most of the rounds and I went ten rounds.

Wach looked better in that than he has done before."

Doping test

After failing a doping test he wanted to leave boxing and was disappointed "I was down and out, I nearly walked away from boxing, I gave up on boxing, but I went through with it and the whole thing cost me a fortune," he added.

"When everything was going on [with the positive drugs test] I was down and demotivated. Boxing is a hard game and it happens. Look at what happened to Tyson Fury after he beat Wladimir Klitschko, and Andy Ruiz when he beat Anthony Joshua for the world title [last year].

Ruiz won the world title and couldn't keep discipline. "Imagine being in my position, the opposite, with people saying your career is over and judging you, and writing you off. I was overweight and demotivated, I was on the opposite side to where Ruiz was, but I still got the job done."

He didn't choose words talking about Wilder "I blame Deontay Wilder because he is a f***ing coward," Whyte said. "He has put the WBC in this situation. He was scared to fight me. I'm more heavy-handed than Fury and Wilder know that.

"Let's see what happens, it's about time the WBC does right by me, I have been loyal to them. Boxing is always a business and negotiations are going on. I'm No 1, have been a mandatory challenger since 2017 after I beat Robert Helenius.

I deserve my chance. You wouldn't see it in football or baseball where the top teams don't play each other for three years -- it makes no sense.