Lomachenko at the top level in the victory against Nakatani

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Lomachenko at the top level in the victory against Nakatani
Lomachenko at the top level in the victory against Nakatani (Provided by Sport World News)

Eight months after losing to Teofimo Lopez, Vasyl Lomachenko found himself in the ring again. The main mission before the match against Masayoshi Nakatani was to make an appearance after which there will be no question whether he deserves the opportunity to take revenge on the current WBO, WBA and IBF champion in the next match.

Not only did he succeed in this, but he made an effect in which nothing else would make sense. It was Lomachenko at his best, a boxer of a different level, of a different movement and way of placing punches, and he had everything against himself, but not an easy opponent.

Nakatani fought, withstood all kinds of attacks, and looked for an opportunity to place his shots. In the manner of a samurai, the Japanese played a warrior match, got up, and came back, but he still couldn't go further than the ninth round.

The first rounds brought a lot of movement and dynamics, but still with a little caution, which was actually less and less with Lomachenko at any moment. He may have been a little disrupted by the head-on collision already in the first round, which certainly had an impact, but by no means enough to turn the great champion out of his way.

The real fight started in the third round and didn't stop until the end of the match. Lomachenko felt a way to endanger the Japanese and he started doing it always at the right moments. That perfect boxing computer inside that guy's body was working the way we were used to see.


Nakatani finished on the floor for the first time in the fifth round, Left from the clinch, and then even better right crochet, at the very exit from the round threatened the Japanese. He did not give up, but in the next round he started looking for something similar, but this time Lomachenko was at a higher level.

His movement was great and it was at his expense that Vasyl literally started playing with his prey like a predator. The eighth and ninth rounds were especially dominant for the winner of this match. Nakatani did not give up, he had a huge desire to stay in the match, but the referee saw in the middle of the ninth round that it no longer made sense.

After such a performance, Teofimo Lopez will not be able to remain indifferent. Of course, he can always avoid and refuse a rematch, but the pressure of the boxing community will be huge and the young champion will probably have to accept the fact that no one will actually admit his victory against Loma until he achieves it once again.

He will first have the task of doing the contracted, match against George Kambosos Jr., which has been postponed until September. A match against Lomachenko in late winter or early spring next year? It would somehow be roughly the best term, but also the term before which the Ukrainian could do another match. After what he did to Nakatania, we are immensely looking forward to it.