De La Hoya: "I want my comeback to be the greatest in the history"

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De La Hoya: "I want my comeback to be the greatest in the history"

Oscar De La Hoya is officially back in the ring. On July 11, he will be greeted at the Triller show by former MMA star Vitor Belfort. After announcing this for several years, the 48-year-old gold medalist and multiple world champion will once again put on his gloves and try out in the ring.

And the proof he could be good at it again are recordings that can be found on social networks and video services. "Oh the recordings are really nothing, they're just little 'teasers' for what's coming.

I feel really great. I had 15 years to rest my left direct." "I put it in the vault and now I'm back in action," De La Hoya said in an interview for Fight Hype, before turning to the match against Vitor Belfort: "He's a big guy, I don't know honestly what I'm getting into, he's really big.

We'll see. I have a good beard, so I need to work on my body. I'm going to have to use my speed, be on my toes and stab with my straight. I have good tactics for him."


Plans for his return include three matches, where the names of the opponents would be bigger than each other.

and then I want to go back in November. I'm not sure about the date, but it will be the anniversary of the Triller show where Tyson performed." "I could challenge Anderson Silva there. Cinco de Mayo, I'll call Floyd Mayweather ", the plans are great, but he still can't know if everything will be achievable: "Look, I've achieved everything possible in boxing.

But I want my comeback to be the greatest in the history of the sport. I want those two fights." "I have to overcome Belfort first. I can't say I'm scared, but I ask myself what I got into it. I have confidence, I'll go into that match and fight.

After that, the goal is Anderson Silva, and then, if my body feels good, I don't mean to rest, I'll call Floyd Mayweather right away. " He fought Mayweather for the "Cinco de Mayo" in 2007 and was defeated by a split decision.

Many still believe that the referees unfairly judged the match and that the "Golden Boy" should have won. If the outcome of the mentioned match was like that, the chances that Floyd Mayweather would have the career he had after that are actually miserable.

And can Oscar defeat him today? "I think I can and it's possible to organize a match. It's all about money, isn't it? I think there's a lot of money to get him to that match. And I can win it, why not? I won it already in the first time." De La Hoya concluded.