Belfort on his fight against Oscar: "Our fight will break all records"

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Belfort on his fight against Oscar: "Our fight will break all records"

Brazilian MMA veteran Vitor Belfort is fully dedicated to boxing and will play an exhibition boxing match against the legendary Oscar De La Hoya on September 11th. In an interview with TMZ Sports, Phenom spoke about the importance of fighting De La Hoya, and the announcements are in the least pompous.

In the introductory sentences, Vitor Belfort showed great respect for his opponent and did not use "hard" words in his address. He also touched on a few UFC fighters ''Oscar is a gold Olympian and one of the best P4P boxers ever.

He revolutionized the sport. Vitor was the youngest UFC champion. If Oscar wasn't there, Floyd Mayweather wouldn’t even exist, and if Belfort wasn't there, Conor McGregor wouldn’t exist." Belfort is also optimistic about their fight.

He believes that the fight will be a real spectacle and that it will arouse great interest around the world. "New generations will now learn about the history of this sport. Our fight will break all records, and it will sell better than the fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, '' Belfort said.

The hope remains that the Brazilian does not believe in what he is saying but is just trying to raise the hype around his fight. By the way, Vitor was supposed to fight Instagram star Mike Holston last weekend, but the fight was postponed to August 14 because the leader of the show, Teofimo Lopez, was infected with the coronavirus.

Woodley and Askren

He'll have to wait a while for things to get better to fight Holston Recall, "Phenom" a few days ago touched on Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren, calling them the worst representatives of MMA.

And really both of them showed nothing in the ring and it seemed like they were there just to take the money and continue their journey in the direction they wanted. Most of their fans are aware that they were not at the level they are at, and that the fight had no significance for them except financially.

It is interesting what former and current fighters are ready for, aware that this kills the beauty of martial arts, but they still want to achieve some other goals that have nothing to do with sports. It remains to be seen how the 44-year-old Belfort will represent MMA on his boxing trip, but hopefully, he won’t be too disappointed when he realizes that his exhibition against Golden Boy didn’t live up to his own expectations of one of the greatest matches in history. He has already announced that after the fight against the Oscar, he plans to fight another legend, Evander Holyfield.