Anderson Silva: "Right now my son is the main focus"

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Anderson Silva: "Right now my son is the main focus"

Anderson Silva, 46, has once again confirmed why he is a martial arts legend and why he is an inspiration and role model to many people. After the infamous end of his UFC career, where he was trying to say “head through the wall” to say goodbye to a performance modeled on his best days, he succeeded in the boxing ring.

He arrived in Mexico perfectly prepared, and then, after eight rounds of the match, he defeated former world champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., a boxer he is 11 years older than. He absolutely deservedly recorded this celebration at the expense of his quality, but also his serious approach to the match.

He said something about it right after winning the interview for MMA Fighting. "I'm very happy. Especially because I trained hard for this. I never really stopped training because I love my job and I'm happy while training every day." "But now I'm really very very happy.

I'm happy to have been able to together with my coaches be here, win and show respect, ”Silva said, after which he was immediately asked to compare this to his MMA successes: "No, I can't compare it, it's completely different.

I came to Mexico where this sport is a tradition, where a big event is organized for the Mexican people. Emotions are different, I can't draw any parallels."


Boxing has been his wish for a long time, that is, to return to it for the first time after the match he played in 2005.

But he thinks that something like this needed just such an opportunity when he will be able to fully dedicate himself to it. "Boxing is a traditional sport and people need to understand that it is not something easy. It is not the same as MMA, it is two completely different sports." "Just like jiu-jitsu is a different sport.

You need to have respect for each discipline and train it hard. You can’t come to boxing without respect for him, and I’ve shown it, ” he said And what about the future? He showed that he can still do the preparations and come in top form.

Of course, at 46, he no longer has the speed and lethality he had in the golden days of his career, but the technique and attractions are still there. How much does such a thought continue to entertain the audience? "I don't know what's next for me other than going home because my son has a kickboxing fight soon so I have to help him.

Maybe I'll fight in jiu-jitsu and maybe I'll box again, I don't know." "Right now my son is the main focus. And I can tell you something I have nothing more to prove to anyone"