Logan Paul wants a fight against Mike Tyson

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Logan Paul wants a fight against Mike Tyson

Logan Paul performed two weeks ago in an exhibition boxing match against Floyd Mayweather. Although noticeably taller and 16 pounds heavier than the best boxer in history, Logan Paul was, as expected, a big outsider. Still, the guy who gained fame on Youtube made good use of his physical strength and weight difference and pushed to a referee's decision.

The impression remains that Floyd Mayweather is neither close to his best days nor has he given his best, but either way, the success of Paul’s older brother is somewhat commendable. The 26-year-old gained a huge dose of confidence after that match and has now decided to call out a boxer against whom he will not have a huge weight advantage.

Legendary Mike Tyson is next on the wish list of an ambitious YouTuber, and Logan is quite optimistic about his chances in that fight. "My lawyer mentioned that fight to me, but he told me, 'No way, Tyson will cut your head off, you have no chance,'" Paul said in the latest episode of his "Impulsive" podcast.

'' I told the lawyer, 'Man, I literally went through all this (fighting Floyd), you can't convince me I can't beat Mike Tyson.' He is so old '' '' Iron Mike '' is 29 years older than Logan and the YouTuber is right when he says Tyson is old.

However, Tyson also fought in an exhibition fight at the end of November last year, and his opponent was Roy Jones Jr.


Once the meanest man on the planet, he delighted with his return to physical shape, and at the pre-fight weigh-in, he appeared with exactly 100 kilograms of body weight.

The fight against Jones ended in a draw, but Compubox, the boxing system for counting punches, showed Tyson hitting 30 more punches than his opponent (67-37). There is a huge difference in quality between Logan Paul and Mike Tyson, regardless of Tyson’s age.

If we take into account that Logan will not have an advantage in physics either, everything leads to his loss. The only question is how serious this fight would actually be and with what intentions "Iron Mike" would approach such an exhibition.

We see that lately, most famous fighters are opting for this type of matches, and there is a clear reason why they do it. But the audience seems to want to watch it, and thus both sides profit