Anderson Silva was better in the match against Chavez

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Anderson Silva was better in the match against Chavez
Anderson Silva was better in the match against Chavez (Provided by Sport World News)

Although he is 46 years old, Anderson Silva has shown why he is a great martial artist and why he should not be written off when he is well prepared, physically and tactically. And that’s exactly what he was like for the match against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., which we have to admit was not in a good situation.

The 35-year-old former world middleweight champion first failed to meet his maximum weight and then came into the match leaving the impression of someone who is completely indifferent to what is going to happen. As described, Chavez managed to do something in the first three rounds.

After Silva, which was confirmed by Compubox statistics, did not hit a single blow in the first round, many thought that the legendary Brazilian did not need this boxing trip, but as he relaxed he was getting better. He started doing his famous dodge, which gave the impression that it was something Chavez had never seen before, nor did he have the will to change anything in his boxing to find an answer to it.


From the fourth round until the end of the match, arranged for eight of them, "Spider" looked really good, not like someone who is 46 years old and behind whom the results are not the best lately. This wasn’t a match that gave the impression that it could end in a stoppage but watching Silva like this is always fun.

He still possesses an impressive arsenal of various punches even when he has to limit himself to just those hands. Some objective impression is that he took the last five rounds, while the first two went to the Mexican, and the third was a kind of transition.

So did the two referees, who scored 77-75 in favor of Silva, while one, truly hard to explain, scored 77-75 in favor of Chavez. It’s great to see Silva where he wins, but the fact is that he had an absolutely unmotivated boxer against him, against whom five or six years ago such an outcome would have been neither an option nor a realistic possibility.

Chavez obviously came to do the match and take the money, but it seems that he was not motivated enough for the latter either, seeing that he did not lose the remaining two kilograms and therefore had to give Silva a hundred thousand dollars from his fee.

Anderson will probably do another boxing match, and it is certainly commendable that this one was characterized as professional. So he is now a boxing professional at a ratio of two wins and one defeat, after having his last professional boxing match as many as 16 years ago