Fury: "I guarantee you Wilder won't stay in the match longer than last time"

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Fury: "I guarantee you Wilder won't stay in the match longer than last time"

One very unusual press conference was held by Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, with the aim of better promoting their third match. In fact, it turns out that this was only a goal for Fury, as Wilder chose an approach in which he would completely ignore the questions.

He said something, but only at the very beginning. After that he put on his headphones, probably played some music, and looked down. "We've talked a lot, it's time to take his head off his shoulders. There will be bloodshed on July 24."

is all Wilder said, thus opening the press conference. He was silent until the end and ignored the questions. So Fury was in a much better mood. "All that mention of bloodshed, I'm not sure. We've heard it all before, he said the same thing before the last fight.

Decapitation, bloodshed, and we all know how it ended," Gipsy King began, turning to what the match meant to him: "I'm looking forward to this challenge. I hope he brings something different to the ring than in the last match, he should.

I know he has a new coach, a man very experienced in boxing who had a lot of matches. Let's hope he can get the best out of him. " He couldn't help but look back at Wilder's refusal to answer questions. And there he tried to stab him a little, maybe even provoke him to change his attitude and behavior.

Except we're not sure if Wilder heard it at all next to his headphones. "It just shows how mentally weak a person is, how much the beating from the last fight affected him emotionally. I was even worried about him for a while.

This is his little performance, let him put on his headphones and do what he wants. I'm here to promote the fight ", adds Fury.


Before the last match, the Briton announced that he would be aggressive from the first round and go for a knockout, which rarely anyone believed him, it was assumed that he was just playing mental games.

In the end, he surprised most, including Wilder, with just such a strategy. This time there is no such surprise effect, but he was ready for some new announcements. Is he serious again? We will find out only in the match, but this time it is unlikely that someone will reject what he says with ridicule.

"Deontay Wilder has one trick, he's a man of one hit. We all know that and we know how good that shot is. What I'm going to do to him this time is to go through him like a truck." "I guarantee you he won't stay in the match longer than last time.

I will lift my weight, I will come to the match with 135 pounds because I will be looking for a knockout from the first second." "I don't believe he is mentally, physically, or emotionally ready for this match.

I think he accepted it for the wrong reasons and when people do something like that , then they finish injured ”Fury announced what should happen.