Fury thinks Joshua will lose the match against Usyk

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Fury thinks Joshua will lose the match against Usyk

After Deontay Wilder prevented the match between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua through arbitration, it became clear that the match would only take place if they both played the matches they would have arranged before that.

Fury of course against Wilder, a match he was forced into court, while Joshua will face Oleksandr Usyk in September, a boxer whom Fury believes will not be an easy job for his planned opponent. "He's a minor boxer, a former lightweight champion, but he managed to finish Derek Chisora, who is physically stronger than Joshua.

So while I'm confident I'll beat Wilder again, I'm not sure Joshua will not lose that match," Fury said in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Fight vs Wilder

On the other hand, Fury is looking at his exam, the third match against Deontay Wilder, with a lot of confidence.

Many believe that the biggest problem for Gipsy King could be an easy and dominant victory from the last match, but he claims that he found the motivation in overcoming him even more convincingly. "I hope he will give more than last time.

It was a one-sided beating, but I love challenges. I thought he wouldn't want this match, but he reassured me." "I don't know if he has a desire to be punished or is coming for money since he knows how he can't win.

But this time it will be faster for him, this time he won't last even seven rounds ", he announced, commenting on Wilder's mental state after the last rehearsal and all the statements he made after the match: "He had a mental breakdown after I inflicted his first defeat, but that doesn't surprise me.

I seriously injured him. I tore him to pieces, he felt like he had been run over by a truck. I haven't talked to him since the match, but I'm sure that he has a problem. I would be the best person to help him if he wants to.

But maybe not before July 24. " Fury had big problems during his break, which lasted from the fall of 2015, when he defeated Vladimir Klitschko until the summer of 2018, when he finally returned to the ring. He claims that he was on the verge of suicide a couple of times, but that in the end he still managed to recover mentally. The epilogue of everything is the results he achieved after that.