Boxing fights between Youtubers and TikTokers in Miami

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Boxing fights between Youtubers and TikTokers in Miami

A little outside the martial arts circles, another boxing event was organized where boxers will not perform. So we can best describe what will take place tonight (Saturday, June 12) in Miami, Florida. It is an event where YouTubers will box against TikToker, ie internet personalities will fight against each other and they publish their content on Youtube and TikTok.

The reason why this text was found here is first of all one fact. Bryce Hall, a YouTuber whose channel is subscribed to by 3.6 million people and who plays in the main fight against "TikToker" Austin McBroom, will earn a fee of five million dollars for his performance.

So at least he stated that, and already at the very acceptance of the match he demanded a much larger sum than his opponent would get. In short, it is a fee higher than any MMA fighter in history, except Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov, but also more than twice as much as Khabib earned during the match of the said duo.


The rest won’t earn that much, but it will still be a lot compared to most boxers who try to make a living from their boxing at the expense of daily hard training. The rules of these matches are amateur, with the first cut causing a break and defeat by technical knockout for the fighter who suffered the cut, and in case the competitors do all the rounds, the referees will make the decision.

So, we could watch something like this more and more often, especially while there are those who will buy broadcasts. Is it the defeat of martial arts or just proof that fights are more interesting if "ordinary people" perform in them than professionals? Does this have anything to do with "my dad/brother/friend is stronger than yours? All in all, people who don't follow martial arts buy broadcasts of such events.

Those who organize them probably know why. Let the boys box and do whatever they want, but how do these numbers affect the motivation of all those who have dedicated their youth and free time to boxing? Of course, we will have more and more things like this in the future, and in the coming years, we will see that most internet stars are trying to get money in this way. Still, no one can stop them from doing so, but those who buy tickets to watch such matches can change a lot.