Former NBA star beats former music star in boxing ring

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Former NBA star beats former music star in boxing ring
Former NBA star beats former music star in boxing ring (Provided by Sport World News)

A new attempt at a celebrity boxing match was closer to what such an event should actually be, a circus, than to some serious boxing event. But again, it attracted a lot of attention by who entered the ring and how they actually looked next to each other.

Lamar Odom, 41, a former NBA champion and also a former member of the Kardashian family (he was the husband of one of the sisters for seven years) celebrated in a match against Aaron Carter. If you don’t know who Carter is, we’ll brief you.

He is a former teen music star and younger brother of the most famous member of the Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter. But a long time has passed since his fame and today the 33-year-old Carter is more on the margins of the music scene, with occasional appearances in some show shows or performances of this type.

In a three-round match, judged by legendary MMA fighter Chuck Liddell, 25 inches taller and 30 pounds heavier, Odom celebrated with a stoppage in the second round.

Odom was dominant

The first round passed mostly in Carter's attacks, which the bigger Odom usually blocked easily, and at times it seemed as if we were watching a fight between a giant and a dwarf.

The 208 cm tall basketball player became serious in the second round, and it was already clear from the first shots that Carter would not be able to withstand them much, which was confirmed. So another in a series of matches like this has been done, and it seems there could be more and more of them in the future, as long as someone is willing to pay to watch the same.

And as long as there are those who want easy money, both the organizers and the competitors themselves. Is this good for boxing, as it still raises his popularity and gives him attention in some way? Or does a public that follows matches like this actually have no interest in professional boxing nor can this bring them closer to the same? We just can't know that, but this match was hardly fun, and especially not so important.

Certainly, in the future, we will have many more matches like this, the main goal of which is to entertain the audience and earn a lot of money. Who knows what kind of celebrities we will see in the ring in the coming period