Thurman thinks Crawford should leave his promoter Bob Arum

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 Thurman thinks Crawford should leave his promoter Bob Arum

Keith Thurman thinks Crawford should leave his promoter Bob Arum given that Arum doesn’t show him enough respect and doesn’t give him enough importance as much as he should. Although Crawford was supposed to have a match with Pacquiao, Arum was not happy with the conditions “When it comes to anybody on this fight fighting Bud Crawford, I think Crawford just needs to get away from Bob [Arum],” said Thurman to Fighthype.

“As I said, Bob doesn’t even give him credit that he deserves. Thurman believes that a fighter of such qualities as Crawford needs to find a better man for these things, and believes that Crawford deserves to fight big names that will bring him popularity and money.

“His own promoter doesn’t even respect him. He needs to get away from that man and be his own man if that’s what he needs to be, and I think he’ll be able to negotiate better fights from there,” said Thurman about Crawford.

Thurman was asked by boxingnews24 reporters if Errol Spence Jr will move up to 154 after he unifies the 147-lb division “I don’t know his heart, his goals,” said Thurman “He’s still dominating the welterweight division.

Thurman believes there is still a lot of money at stake, which is mostly the biggest motivation of most athletes “There’s still plenty of money to be made in the welterweight division after Pacquiao and in fights against myself and Bud Crawford.

Thurman supports Errol's decision

Yet Thurman supports his decision if that happens “But if he [Errol Spence] feels well accomplished and wants to move on, that’s him. I heard long ago that he had the desire to move up.

“So I’m basing my theory based off of those old rumors that he has the desire to move out of the welterweight division,” said Thurman. Thurman still wants to stay in his category and he doesn't want to go to another category.

He seems quite motivated for now and believes that if he makes any other decision it will be a sign that he is already in his late years. “Me personally, I have no desire to move out of the welterweight division. I want all my dreams to come true at 147,” said Thurman.

“If I move out, that just means I’m at the later point of my career, and I’m doing other things. But my ignition of passion comes at 147”.