Floyd explained why the match lasted eight rounds

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Floyd explained why the match lasted eight rounds

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul did a full eight rounds of a match that had no scoring referees, so he was left without a winner. Of course, both boxers believe that in case of scoring, the victory would go to them, while the public is surprised that Floyd did not finish the popular YouTuber.

If we listen to what Floyd said after the match, it seems that the difference in height, as well as the fact that Paul weighed twenty pounds more than him in the ring, was an important factor. But he considers it even more important that Paul was not ready to attack him.

Knowing Floyd’s boxing style, it would definitely go in his favor, and he’s also confident that in that case, the match would end. "If he had decided to fight more, if he had tried at least, I don't think the fight would have lasted a full eight rounds.

He was weird. I had to push and ask for action." "Me, so much smaller than him, shouldn't be able to attack someone big like him. But I pushed forward. He would make one or two punches and then catch me." "Sometimes there would be three.

There wasn't much I could do. You could see him walking with his feet on the ropes, how tired he was. I have to admit that he knows how to catch, he's very good at it," Floyd told the media what happened.

Finishing match

Of course, comments on the internet in large numbers go to the opinion that Floyd could have done the match the way he wanted and also made it the way it suited him.

In short, that he would probably have finished Paul had he decided on that. However, the main thing for him was to prove something else to himself, but also to everyone else, which has nothing to do with the presentation in the ring, and which has always been equally important to him.

"As I said, I've been in this sport for a long time and I've proven to people that I'm still, at 44, capable of selling 30,000 tickets and making crazy numbers which crashed Showtime's billing server."

" I'm blessed with what I have." Floyd concluded, of course taking another opportunity to glorify himself. It always went as well for him as boxing itself, in which he is unquestionably one of the best ever.