Analysis of the match between Mayweather and Paul

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Analysis of the match between Mayweather and Paul

What the portals have been writing about in recent days and even weeks has been done and completed, an exhibition boxing match between one of the greatest boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the guy known for publishing his YouTube videos, without a single win in a boxing match, Logan Paul.

And the match ended the way many believed they would. Some a little less knowledgeable might expect the last sentence to indicate how Mayweather started furiously from the start, imposed a rhythm and ended the match as soon as the first opportunity presented.

But such do not know Floyd the businessman. Unlike the match with Nasukawa, where he received Japanese money and then decided to literally embarrass the son of “Land of the Rising Sun,” here in Logan Paul he had an equal “partner in crime,” a guy in whose company he tried to pay the audience what they came to see.

The match thus lasted all the prescribed eight rounds, and we can describe it as an easier sparring. From the start, it could be seen that the 16-pound lighter and 18-year-old Floyd could do whatever he wanted. And he decided to let his opponent take part in the match and was even willing to receive some punches that he just didn’t have to.

Paul has progressed

Anyone who knows boxing better could conclude that Floyd is able to pick up the pace to finish a match at any time, but that was not the point here. Paul has progressed since his last performance, which really shouldn’t surprise anyone, as he looked really bad at the time, as is expected of a boxing beginner.

After that he worked with the best coaches in the world, spent a lot of time in the gym and progress was seen. We can’t say he surprised Floyd with some moves, but he hit him with good shots at times when “Money” was actually willing to allow it.

The most important thing was that Paul prepared himself for eight rounds, how much he actually did successfully in the end. This was not a set up match, as we can read in many analyzes and comments. We can't even call it agreed.

This was a match that businessman Floyd, aware of how the broadcast was bought by a large number of Logan Paul fans, decided to make it like this. Floyd, as he admitted at the end of the match, had a very good time, and in the end he had word of praise for Paul.

On the other hand, he probably also satisfied some Paul's fans, whose hero managed to stay in the ring with the best boxer of recent times. And a full 24 minutes of action. If there were referees, this would have been a convincing Mayweather victory, but as it was an exhibition, after eight rounds there are no winners. Some would say that Logan Paul is the first boxer that Floyd failed to overpower.