Dana White: "Woodley should knock him out"

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Dana White: "Woodley should knock him out"

In his first martial arts performance after a long and once very successful UFC career, Tyron Woodley will have popular YouTuber Jake Paul as his opponent. The former UFC champion and 24-year-old, who has been one of the main topics in martial arts in recent months, will meet on August 28 and play a match according to boxing rules.

Their duel has now been commented on by Dana White as well. Although he believes Woodley is no longer a fighter who once was amazing, the UFC president still sees him as a favorite in this match. "He still has strong punches.

Obviously, he's sent a lot of them to sleep over the course of his career, but he no longer looks like Tyron Woodley who did things like that." "Well he hasn't won a fight in three years and will soon be 40 But I'll admit, at least Jake Paul is now fighting someone who can hit, "White said in a Real Quick With Mike Swick podcast.


According to the bookmakers, Tyron enters this match as an underdog and that does not surprise White at all. "It's because of his age (39) and the fact that he hasn't celebrated for three years."

But despite everything, Dana still gives preference to her former champion. "Tell me, when was the last time Woodley looked like Woodley? But I still have to predict his victory by knockout. Look, Woodley should knock him out, but, again, that guy you're talking about, who was a champion, is no longer the same as he was four years ago.

"White concluded. Most UFC and boxing fans are aware of who Tyron Woodley is and how successful he has been in the UFC but most will agree with Dana White given that Woodley probably can’t train the same as he used to or be a fighter like he used to .

But still a match like this can bring him a lot of money and it is certain that he will do his best to end the match in the right way. Woodley is a more experienced fighter, certainly more dangerous and better, and should be dominant in the match regardless of any previous factors that might have prevented him from doing so.

Dana White is known as someone who is not a big fan of Paul, so it is not surprising that such a statement, but in essence it is completely true.