Fury's brother made a proposal to fight Wilder's brother

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Fury's brother made a proposal to fight Wilder's brother

On July 24, a match will be held in Las Vegas that made the biggest and long-planned match of world boxing impossible. Of course, this is the third clash between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, a match that now depends on whether the clash between Fury and Anthony Joshua will take place at all.

There is not much information about the event for now, so not about some names that could be found on the rest of the program. There are a lot of people interested in the performance, but one of them came up with a very interesting proposal that would give everything an extra dimension.

It’s about Tommy Fury, Tyson Fury’s 22-year-old brother. He is a light heavyweight boxer, and in his professional career so far he has recorded five victories from the same number of performances. Still, in England, he is much better known as a participant in the popular Love Island show.

This does not surprise anyone, since he has played his matches so far against boxers of questionable quality. Just look at their ratios (0-9, 0-11, 2-26, 0-26-2, 10-102-3). But the proposal for this program looks intriguing. Namely, after he called out Jake Paul and it didn't work for him in recent weeks, that is, after Paul didn't react to it, Tommy turned an eye to Marsellos Wilder.

Marsellos Wilder

He is a 32-year-old brother of Deontay who competes in the lightweight category, and in his professional career so far he has recorded five victories and two defeats. He had no appearances since November 2019, when he suffered a defeat on the introductory program of Wilder Vs.

Ortiz II performances. Marsellos has not yet commented, but it must be admitted that the proposal sounds interesting. Tommy should have his sixth professional match this weekend, but he was left without a planned opponent and a replacement is currently being sought.

The match will be held in Telford, England, after which it is assumed that Tommy will return to America, where he will help his brother in the preparations. Certainly, a thing like this would arouse even greater interest in the match between Wilder and Fury, and it would be something we haven’t seen in the past so far.

No one knows what fighters their brothers are like and whether they have talent like the two of them, but in any case, that fight would have been watched and would have been a great overture to the spectacle that awaits us.

Although, realistically, the chances of such a thing are small and it is unlikely that it will happen. But let's wait

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