Jake Paul: "I have a list of people I plan to knock out"

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Jake Paul:  "I have a list of people I plan to knock out"

Now that it has been confirmed that a boxing match between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley will be held in late August, what is called “match building” can slowly begin. Intriguing statements, knockout announcements, and everything that goes with it is what we will definitely see until the date of the match.

Already some first announcements and messages were sent by Paul, posting on Instagram shortly after the match was confirmed. He explained why he chose Woodley as his opponent for his fourth professional match. His nickname “Chosen One” seems to make a lot of sense in this story.

"It's official. I have a list of people I plan to knock out and I'm happy to do my fourth professional fight against one of them. Against Tyron Woodley, a five-time UFC champion known for his knockout power." "Tyron talked too much in the locker room that night when I knocked out his best friend Ben and thus secured a leading spot on the Problem Child shooting list, "read the first part of Paul's posts.

Dana White

In the second part, he commented on what he intends to do in the match, and he did not remain silent to Dana White, who said that he was not interested in absolutely any job in which Jake Paul was involved. But that’s why his former champions and until recently fighters are so obviously interested.

"Tyron is a top hitter who fought the best MMA fighters in the world, but the Disney teen star will finish him in two rounds. Maybe Dana White will be a man of his word this time so he really puts his money on winning the former champion, instead of trying to belittle my success like some jealous ex." "Influencer against MMA.

It's Showtime, "Paul concluded, referring to White's statement before his match against Askren when he said he was willing to invest huge money in Askren's victory. In the end, he explained how he said it jokingly since he had never bet or intended to bet ilegally in his life.

To be honest, no matter how much Jake Paul was ridiculed he seems to be slowly building his career. Nobody knows which way he builds it, but he succeeds in what he intends: to be a showman and to draw attention to himself.

He also looked good in the ring for now, but he seems to need a more serious opponent to prove his skills. The next fight could be an indicator, although a much better boxer is needed.

Jake Paul