Wilder wants to decapitate Fury in the next match

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Wilder wants to decapitate Fury in the next match

Deontay Wilder got what he wanted. He won the right for the third match against Tyson Fury, which was guaranteed to him by a contract signed before the second, and then he rejected any option to give it up, regardless of how much money would go to his account that way.

He thus confirmed that he had primarily sports intentions to call for arbitration. He wants a match that will avenge the heavy defeat from February last year, that is, the first defeat in his career. After the people behind Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury have said a lot so far, Wilder's team has started talking in the last few days, and then finally Wilder himself.

The opportunity for his own match announcement was given to 78SportsTV, and “Bronze Bomber” immediately started talking about his motivation. "My mentality is such that I'm thinking about seriously hurting a person, about changing his image so much that his mother can't recognize who he was.

You want to behead him in any sense," Wilder said,+ while he was incredibly tense. He is simply burning with self-confidence, but also a desire to finally return to the ring, which he further confirmed: "Now that we have a date and location, all this has intensified training even more.

All this makes a lot more sense now. He now has nowhere to run, wherever he wants he has to go through me. And I am the strongest hitter in heavyweight history and I will continue to do what I do. I'm ready to fight back. We had an obligation to do that match, he signed it responsibly.


He gave his word

He has a built-in opinion that Fury was convinced that he didn't have to do the third match and that he was going to arrange a match with Joshua. He believes that "Gipsy King" has actually escaped his obligations.

"He gave his word. When you do that, and we have proof, then you have to abide by it. It's yours to do the job and you can't finish this chapter without going through Deontay Wilder. I consider everything he did a cowardly move, in order to avoid fighting against me ", was the opinion.

Fury is truly in a situation where he can hardly repeat a match like he was last. Although he had actually announced this before, few believed that he would truly be aggressive and offensive. There he found Wilder in the beginning and implemented domination by the end.

In addition, the motivation will be different. Wilder now has a hunger and a desire to correct everything, while Fury could have a problem here, and there is always the opportunity to underestimate Wilder after such a performance.

Although, he also has a good school in that he ended up on the floor twice in the first match. After all, on July 24th we will find out if Wilder made a good choice or maybe it was still a better decision for him to accept the money he could have taken without entering the ring.