Fury's father furious at the promoters

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Fury's father furious at the promoters

After Eddie Hearn had already accused Tyson Fury's promoters of failing to protect his boxer's interests and save his match against Anthony Joshua, Fury's father, "Big" John Fury, has a similar view.

He accused the people around Fury of doing everything in their own interest, thus depriving his son and putting him in a position where he could lose a lot. "Tyson has 20,000 people around him. That's what happens when you're on top, you gather a lot of leeches around you, a lot of those who just get hooked."

"You can easily see what's going on with him in America. It's actually diabolical. You're excited to fight one man, and then suddenly in 24 hours everything changes and you arrange to fight another." "He signed contracts for something completely different.

They just gather around him and I wonder how normal that is, "John said in an interview for BT Sport, continuing: "He can blame his team, no one else. Any rush is never good. He was already mentally in the match against AJ, I wanted him to fight him, there was no interest in Wilder."

"I told him over the phone to throw his belt in the trash and go fight Joshua on August 14, as planned. "

Motivation problem

John is afraid that there may be a problem with motivation, and it is clear that Wilder is not an easy opponent, that is, someone in a match against whom one enters casually convinced of victory.

This can be counterproductive. "I'm worried about whether Tyson can further raise his game for Wilder. What if he's too confident and makes a mistake. There's a chance it's all going in the wrong direction."

"I don't understand Wilder either, why not take $ 20 million without a fight, with a guarantee he is going to be a next fight for the champion? Joshua is not sure: "They can both be defeated, both AJ and Tyson.

Because they can both relax too much, think about each other and suddenly find themselves doing something else." "They were motivated to have the biggest fight in history, and now they both have a fight to warm up, not an easy fight.

" As the main person who "cooked" everything, John sees the 88-year-old boss of Top Rank and Tyson's American promoter, Bob Arum. He actually reacted the fastest, overtaking Frank Warren and arranging a match against Wilder.

"Everyone seems to be doing what Bob Arum says. Strange, isn't it? Nothing against Bob, he probably has his own interests, it's all really about money, and this outcome is in favor of all Americans." " They didn't want a fight in Saudi Arabia.

The arbitration could have been settled in December, but they didn't solve it. Why didn't they, when they knew how big the match was coming? I can talk about this all day, but the point is it turned out to be bulls**t," he concluded.