Mayweather: "I don't have a strategy for the match against Logan"

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Mayweather: "I don't have a strategy for the match against Logan"

What seemed impossible until a few years ago has been a reality for some time. Matches that we can hardly call a "freak show", although from the sports point of view it is not far from that. But, in short, matches where sports stars meet famous people from other spheres of the “mainstream”.

And it all started with an amateur match between two YouTubers, Logan Paul and KSI, held in the summer of 2018. But even after a year later Eddie Hearn did their rematch according to professional rules, probably everyone laughed at the possible idea of ​​a Logan Paul match and by many "GOAT boxing, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Even at the mention of the meeting of Paul and any serious professional. But that match will take place, on June 5 in Florida. Mayweather will thus have a man against him who has not won in two matches so far, one of which was amateur.

And people will watch it.


And what to expect? In a very entertaining interview for Barstool Sports, Mayweather was asked about the strategy for the match, and the answer was somewhat expected. "I don't have a strategy for that match.

It's just mine to show up in the ring. If I want the match to last one round, we'll fight that much. If I want two, there will be two." "It's all really a matter of my decision. His name is Logan. And after June 6, it will be Logan Fall, because he will fall, ”Mayweather said.

We last saw Floyd in the ring in late 2018, when he entered the ring against the Japanese kickboxing miracle, Tenshin Nasukawa. That match ended much easier than anyone expected, so he beat the young Japanese and finished already in the first round.

Unlike Nasukawa, Paul will have an advantage in height and weight, but also significantly less technical quality, and especially training experience and serious fights. If we’re going to look at what we’ve seen in Paul’s matches against KSI, this should really be an incredibly easy job for Floyd.

But the match has been arranged, the interest is big and therefore there are probably those who believe that Logan can endanger the most successful champion of all time. Now, it's on him to show them they believed in him for a reason.

However, most are aware that this match will not last long, and that Mayweather's statement regarding the rounds is what everyone expects.