The strongest man in the world ended up on the floor for the first time

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The strongest man in the world ended up on the floor for the first time

One of the most successful and certainly the most popular contestant in the history of the “World Strongest Man” competition, Hafthor Bjornsson, has once again entered the ring. The man, also known by the nickname "Mountain", because he played the character of Gregor Clegane in "Game of Thrones", took boxing seriously and Dubai hosted another of his exhibition matches in four rounds.

He had a quality British heavyweight Simon Vallily against him, and in four rounds of the match there was something to see. Hafthor is getting more and more mobile, the reason for which is certainly the decreasing number of kilograms, and he also showed good coping after his opponent sent him to the floor with a kick.

Although for a moment one might have thought that the match was over, he got up and came back and continued with the open action. Also, his condition throughout all four rounds was very good and Bjornsson constantly kept his hand on his chin and a good guard.

Of course, some holes can be seen, but the main thing was to fix the form and show yourself in the match with a kind of pressure.

Eddie Hall

For "Thor" anyway, this was first and foremost the last exam before the boxing match with another former World Strongest Man winner, Eddie Hall.

The Briton Hall is not as dedicated to preparing for the match as the Icelander, so he will probably be an outsider at the start, but that does not mean that he does not train. Bjornsson seems to have found a new love, and that is just boxing.

The Icelander looks motivated like never before, feels that boxing is what he needed, and seems to look forward to every fight equally. He is aware that this sport is not easy, and that it takes a lot of time and sacrifice, but he feels the love for boxing, and without that love, it is difficult to become a top fighter.

"Eddie Hall, I hope you train to the maximum because I'm coming for you and I'll knock you out. You're going to the floor. I respect myself as an athlete and I know you're preparing hard, but I'll finish you," said Bjornsson, who simply fell in love with boxing.

: "I've dedicated my time and life to this sport. I train three times a day and I have a lot of respect for boxing because every day I realize how hard that sport really is."