Eddie Hearn on Joshua: "The most likely scenario is his fight against Usyk."

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Eddie Hearn on Joshua: "The most likely scenario is his fight against Usyk."

It is obvious that the big turnaround in the heavyweight category of world professional boxing was much harder for Anthony Joshua and his team. Just a few days after the arbitration whose outcome surprised everyone, a match between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder was arranged for July 24, while Joshua was left in an unenviable position.

The most important thing is how he intends to fight, which is a fact to which the WBO reacted immediately and ordered a match against their first challenger, Oleksandr Usyk. As this is an option in which Joshua defends all three of his belts, the British boxer and his team like it, but that does not mean that the match will be arranged.

There are some other factors that the parties must agree on. "In negotiations we encounter everything. So even now we had a situation where the WBO immediately rushed in and told us who we had to fight against." With something like that, at some point, you decide to ask them why we wouldn't be allowed to breathe and do our own thing.

.But Joshua wants to be the absolute champion and that's why we are checking all the options." "The most likely scenario is a fight against Usyk. But the offer has to make sense. If so, that fight will happen but at the moment I can't guarantee you anything."

"I'll just tell you something to say. AJ and I aren’t exactly people to whom authority bodies can dictate moves. So there’s no guarantee of a match right now, ”Joshua promoter Eddie Hearn told Boxing Social.

WBO will take away his belt

It is already known that WBO will take away his belt if he does not arrange a match against Usyk, but Hearn says that they will not be subject to such blackmail by realistically at least four elite organizations and that is the reason why the match has not been confirmed yet.

"What currently connect us to the belt, promises, dreams? Joshua respects his belts and wants to honor them, as he has been doing for the last four years and is therefore the most likely scenario." "The remaining names, Ruiz, Ortiz and Whyte, are still in.

We will do what is best for Joshua and no one else. We are close to an agreement and I have a few fights ready." "I am talking to Usyk's promoter Alex Krassyuk in the foreground and that is our priority. And the fight that is most likely to happen čBut as what I said, the offer must be right" "If that means the belt has to go, let it go.

In an ideal world, we will keep it, "he concluded. As for the date of Joshua's performance, August is still planned.