Hearn: "You could have noticed a lot of anger from Anthony and me"

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Hearn: "You could have noticed a lot of anger from Anthony and me"

After a third match was arranged between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, the outcome of the situation regarding Anthony Joshua's next match remained. The heavyweight world champion according to the WBA, WBO and IBF organizations certainly intends to fight in August, and it seemed that this should be against Oleksandr Usyk, who has been a prescribed challenger of the WBO for some time.

However, that is not certain yet. Promoter Eddie Hearn confirmed that the options are still valid, regardless of whether the WBO could deprive Joshua's championship belt if he fails to fulfill his obligation and oppose their challenger.

He revealed that there are three more options and that everything is considered in the same way. "Andy Ruiz sent me a message on Instagram. It's a fight we might be interested in. If we go to America, Luis Ortiz is also an option.

If we're going to do a match in the UK, then there's Dillian Whyte, isn't that a good match to organize? ", said Hearn in an interview with iFL, confirming that the Ukrainian is still the first option: "In an ideal world, if we come to a good deal with Oleksandr Usyk, it's a match we're going into.

But at the moment, I'm not ready to write off a single scenario or say that anything is impossible. We have about ten days to make a decision."

Joshua was frustrated

Joshua, like Hearn, was also extremely frustrated by the fact that he was left without a match against Fury, as his main desire was to unite all four elite belts and become the first heavyweight to do so.

So he sent several messages to Fury, with words that are not common for him. "You could have noticed a lot of anger from Anthony and me. He actually felt all along that Fury and his team didn't want a fight. I didn't have the same opinion, Fury seemed warm to me, but maybe I was wrong."

"Obviously some people didn't want the match to happen and in the end, their wish came true. You didn't see that kind of behavior from Joshua, did you? It's him when he's angry." "He felt like everything about Fury was a waste of his time.

Personally, I already imagined how spectacularly we are building a fight, I wanted it to happen, but at the moment it failed to happen ”he recounted. Fury will play the match against Wilder on July 24 and his team has already revealed that they plan to play the first match with Joshua in December, according to the agreement they reached after long negotiations. But for that to happen, they both have to celebrate in their summer challenges