Hearn frustrated because of Fury and his team

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Hearn frustrated because of Fury and his team
Hearn frustrated because of Fury and his team (Provided by Sport World News)

With the outcome that left the boxing world without a match between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, the one who invested the most effort and resources, Eddie Hearn, was the most disappointed and frustrated. The owner of Matchroom Boxing still can't accept the fact that everything turned upside down so quickly and that Fury only suddenly, instead of against his fighter, goes to fight Wilder, a boxer he convincingly defeated in February last year.

So we shouldn’t really be surprised by Hearn’s attitude and questioning about what was actually the plan and goal of Fury’s team, primarily his two main promoters, Bob Arum and Frank Warren. "Fury's team took absolutely zero steps in trying to save the match against Anthony Joshua.

I don't believe there was any conversation, I don't believe there was an offer, I don't believe anything." "Bob Arum is aware of his work we did around that match. He just said the decision was embarrassing and immediately switched to a match against Wilder." "Greet my friend!

If I had been in his place I would have done everything I could to keep the match going. They tried absolutely nothing. It is to Fury's soul too, because he didn't try either, "Hearn said in an interview with the iFL, continuing: "He had to stand up for himself and ask what was going on.

They told him he was fighting Joshua, he had a contract and money he could earn." "He needed to tell his promoters what he wanted and ask them to make an effort. He could fight for 60 million dollars to become the absolute champion in the biggest match in history.


Hearn on Joshua

That 60 million should represent an option in which Fury pays Wilder 20 million out of the 80 he should have received for the match against Joshua. So Hearn wondered what Tyson Fury's wish really was. Was he ready for the match against Joshua? Truly Hearn believes that Fury with a little effort was able to do what it takes not to fight with Wilder.

"Did Tyson Fury even want this match? Did they just have fun with us? This all seems to me like they're happy it all turned out this way. Why are they happy with such an outcome?" "If I were in Fury's place, I'd find a figure to get rid of Wilder.

I think he'll make between $ 12 million and $ 15 million for this match this summer." "It could have been sorted out. There was a number, believe me, it existed. And I'm sure we could watch Fury’s match against Joshua, ”Hearn confirmed his opinion.

The match between Joshua and Fury is thus extended to late fall or winter, provided they both achieve victories in their matches. And he won't have an easy job ahead of him.

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