Third match between Fury and Wilder could be officially confirmed today

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Third match between Fury and Wilder could be officially confirmed today

If you’re still hoping to watch a match between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua in mid-August, it looks like your hopes could soon be completely over. This can be deduced from the statement of Fury's promoter Bob Arum, who actually said immediately after the judge's decision that they did not intend to pay Wilder the sum to give up his champion, but that he would hold the match.

The 88-year-old Arum has now only confirmed that the conditions have almost been agreed and that he will start working on Wilder in July, which has actually become the main obstacle to the match that the whole world wants to see.

"We're done with the paperwork. July 24 is the date we're working on. I hope we can finish everything today. All the conditions are already stated in the rematch clause we had in the contract signed before the last match."

"In fact, there was very little to do, almost nothing. A two-page document, "Arum confirmed during a press conference regarding the event his Top Rank is holding this weekend. The court decision by which Wilder won the right to that match was not easy to accept.

But they had to act quickly, which they did. It is now up to Fury to prepare as best he can and do the most important job of his career.

Atum about judge's decision

Namely, defeat would never be harder for him because it would ruin what has been painstakingly agreed in recent months.

"It was a heavy blow for us. Luckily I am a person who has been through a lot so I know you can lose a case where you are one hundred percent sure of winning." "It happened. We lost and we have to follow that decision," Arum said, adding that does not object to the judge who rendered the judgment: "It's happening.

He's wrong, but I don't believe he's dishonest. He just made a mistake. That's how I look at that decision. Nothing can convince me it's right, but it was made by a higher body. We're people who believe in the right and we will respect the decision.

We are ready for a rematch. " Anthony Joshua still has a plan to perform in August, and currently, Oleksandr Usyk is the best-ranked opponent. In a couple of days everything has changed and it is really strange how such a serious match can not happen. The biggest mistake was made by Fury, and now he will have a hard time