Usyk's promoter convinced they will have a match against Anthony Joshua

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Usyk's promoter convinced they will have a match against Anthony Joshua

As if there had been no negotiations for the past few months, Anthony Joshua has returned to a situation where, as a rule, he will have a match against a prescribed WBO challenger. It's about Oleksandr Usyk. The WBO had put pressure for this match to happen, but they still sided aware of the importance of the match against Fury.

But as that match is now unfeasible, at least at this point, so Usyk has once again come to the fore as a challenger. His name has already been mentioned by Joshua's promoter Eddie Hearn, and now comes the statement of Usyk's promoter, Alexander Krassyuk, who confirmed that the match is already being worked on very seriously.

And it would be a match in which Joshua would defend all three world titles he holds, WBO, IBF and WBA. "We've never had a bad experience with Eddie Hearn. We've been in contact before and we're in contact a little more often now.

We're the first favorites for the match against Joshua right now." "That's the most likely outcome. We don't have much time to negotiate options so Wembley is currently a location that respect for Saudi Arabia, but I think it will be a little too hot there in August, but if we go there, we will also be satisfied."

"If we end up in Ukraine, even better. We are happy with any place in the world, as long as we fight the best heavyweight. And this is the best opportunity to prove it." "I think this week is the deadline for all of us.

By the end of the week everyone will already know that from the match Joshua and Fury, scheduled for August 14, there will be nothing ", Krassyuk conveyed his words to Boxing Scene.

Usyk's manager on the fight

So now we have two men who can jeopardize the holding of a big match.

On the one hand, it is Deontay Wilder, and on the other an undefeated Ukrainian. And both are very serious threats. Usyk's manager, however, sees it from the other side, believing that the fans won two big matches instead of one.

"In the end we get two matches instead of one. AJ will fight Usyk and Fury will fight Wilder. When I called Usyk, he didn't answer me. I left a short message, asking him if he was ready to fight Joshua." "He called me after half an hour and explained to me that he could not answer because at that moment he was crossing the English channel on his way to London ", Krassyuk tried to show how motivated his client was for this match.

As noted above, the date of Joshua’s match would probably remain August 14th. As for Fury and Wilder, they should have fought three weeks earlier, on July 24th, respectively.