Evander Holyfield: "I wasted 222 million dollars"

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Evander Holyfield: "I wasted 222 million dollars"

The names of Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield will remain forever linked in the boxing world. Two memorable fights: the first was that of 1997, which went down in history for the bite of Iron Mike in the ear of his rival. An incredible rivalry between the two that now continues on a completely different field: having burnt the gains of a stuoefaciente career.

Because Tyson said he squandered about $ 500 million, while Holyfield said he carelessly spent over $ 220 million.

Holyfield burned $ 222 million

Wrong real estate investments, many bad advisors and an impressive figure that no longer exists.

And now the good Holyfield may have to return to the ring when he is not far from 60.In an article The Sun explained that the economic problems of the American boxer began when he was still a professional and perhaps for this reason he continued his career until 2011, when he was 49 years old.

Talking of his past he said: "At the time I was a fool, now I am not anymore." The former heavyweight world champion has invested in a number of businesses but let's just say he had no business sense. He believed in a chain of restaurants, burned $ 8 million, he bet on a record company, Real Deal Records, threw two and a half million and was even, in 2008, evicted from his luxurious mansion in Atlanta, a mansion from over one hundred rooms.

The Reason? He couldn't pay the mortgage. All of his real estate was then auctioned and bought by a rapper, Rick Ross, who bought it for $ 6.3 million. And the expenses due to the six marriages and eleven children must also be recorded.

Today Holyfield lives in a two-bedroom house and prepares for the third great fight with Tyson. Mike Tyson come back on the ring! Speculations have become reality. Mike Tyson, 54 years-old, will come back on the ring. The boxing champion will challenge Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition match, an eight-round preparatory match.

Iron Mike had hinted at his come back a few months ago when in a short video posted on his Instagram profile he was seen during a training session with his coach. At the end of the video he turns to the camera and growls at the lens: "I'm back"

His last match dates back to 2005. Meanwhile former boxer and heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, who came back in auge after declaring he wanted come back to fight exhibition matches, during some interviews released revealed that if he could fight against any boxer in history, he would surely have chosen and faced Floyd Mayweather .

Tyson retired in 2005, after losing by technical knockout to Kevin McBride, with a professional record of 50 wins and 6 defeats with 44 knockouts. Now the 53 year old appears in perfect shape, ready to return to the ring. During the various interviews, Iron Mike said that if he could choose to fight against any boxer in history, he would certainly have chosen Mayweather, facing him in a dirty way because according to Tyson you cannot beat Money in a clean way.

He said: "Well, I would have liked to face Floyd Mayweather. We could never fight, of course, because of the different weight class, but I would not face him in the way they all dealt with him. I would be bad, I would be dirty. Because it is impossible face it cleanly. You can't fight this boy cleanly. "