Jake Paul has officially signed a professional contract!

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Jake Paul has officially signed a professional contract!

Jake Paul became one of the biggest boxing stars in a short time, and we don't have to mention that anymore. The effect he has made with his matches so far, especially the last one against Ben Askren, is hard to compare to anyone else from the boxing world.

He is being written about, his statements are being quoted, and it has been proven how his matches are sold. He managed to arouse interest in boxing those who left him or who were never warmed up around him. It doesn't matter if it's just his boxing or the sport as a whole.

The sport itself has not had so many striking positions on martial arts portals for a long time, those where the more popular and followed MMA has been thrown into the background lately. All of this led to Jake Paul becoming a hot commodity.

After the last two matches under Triller's organization and thus helping the company to develop and in the second year of operation to lead to the organization of serious matches (such as the one between Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos), many became interested in his services.

Accepting offer

Offers started, and 24-year-old Paul has now decided to accept one of them. He accepted that of the great Showtime Sports, which automatically means Paul goes to one of America’s largest cable networks, a network that has participated in the organization of some of the biggest boxing matches this century.

Showtime had previously expressed interest in the Paul brothers, and now they have succeeded in their plan. They brought the one that is much less popular in the internet world, but in boxing, it is much more successful and more popular for now.

It has been revealed that they are currently in negotiations over the next opponent and that a new Jake match should be announced soon, probably in the middle of summer. And there is no doubt that it will be a hit again and that Jake Paul will be in the spotlight again.

Boxing is no longer what it used to be, and many will say it is a negative phenomenon. But boxing has also been a business for a long time. The matches that people want to watch will be arranged, and from the previous, we have seen that they want Jake Paul.

And that's all it takes for him to come to a contract like this. Fortunately, there is always a right to choose, so those who don't want to watch his matches don't have to.