Eddie Hearn set a deadline by which Fury must sort things out

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Eddie Hearn set a deadline by which Fury must sort things out

After battling with everything for weeks, including tough negotiations over the financial side, Eddie Hearn triumphantly revealed last week that a match between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury had been arranged and would take place on August 14 in Saudi Arabia.

He added that only small details remained until the official confirmation of the date and location, but that everything was agreed globally. Shortly afterward, everything was confirmed by Fury, so fans could start celebrating.

Until last night, when unexpected news appeared. Deontay Wilder won the right for a third match against Tyson Fury in court, which automatically means that Fury has no right to fight Joshua. It was a shock to everyone, which Hearn admitted in a video interview posted on the YouTube page of his Matchroom Boxing.

"I came home last night, relaxed, had dinner, put the kids to bed and I was expecting one quiet Monday night. And then all of a sudden the messages started." "It was a shock to the whole system, to something we've been doing for four or five months.

I was convinced that it won't be a problem, that you came up with a strange arbitration decision in the end, but it's primarily their responsibility." "We'll see how Fury and his team do it, "Hearn said, explaining afterward what things look like now:

Bob Arum

"I talked to Bob Arum and he's a man who's never without a text, but it's happened now.

He assured me it wouldn't be a problem because we didn't have insight into the contracts, since it's their job." "We've been working on this for a long time. and it's very frustrating. When Bob calmed down he decided he needed to talk to the other side and see what could be done."

"I know Tyson Fury wants to fight Anthony Joshua and we have that match scheduled for August 14 in Saudi Arabia. I hope that they can solve this problem and that the match will take place." "We have a fantastic deal with great conditions for both fighters and I hope we will solve it.

From the beginning we were assured that this arbitration will not be a problem but the opposite thing happened." "We hope to fight but now nothing is in our hands anymore. " He found that they are now forced to look for other options because there is not much time.

In fact, he gave Fury and his team a deadline by the end of the week. If all obstacles to the match are not removed, Joshua's plans change, as he certainly intends to defend his title this summer. "I don't have a plan B because I focused only on plan A.

Yesterday something changed and plan B is now needed, if not plan C. We have several options, and the one that comes to mind first is WBO challenger Oleksandr Usyk, who is very patient." "If Fury and his team don't solve this problem by the end of the week, we'll be forced to move on, to Plan B, we'll have to look for a replacement fight."