Wilder refused the money, he wants to fight Fury

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Wilder refused the money, he wants to fight Fury

The team in charge of Tyson Fury’s boxing career is currently working hard. They are trying to find the best solution for their boxer, who would not be left without a match (s) against Anthony Joshua after it was confirmed that Fury has a legal obligation to do the match against Deontay Wilder first.

As the best way, especially since it is known that there is already a budget for the match of 150 million dollars, the option of paying Wilder was pointed out, after which he would allow Fury a match against the British rival.

The media mentions a figure of about 20 million dollars or 14 million pounds, but now there is information that Wilder refused it. This was revealed by Wilder's new coach, also a former opponent, Malik Scott. He shared a statement on Instagram from Bob Arum, who said his team and he had no intention of paying Wilder money to “get away”, adding that it was not their intention at any point.

"Wilder has refused the money and has no intention of accepting anything to get away. Right now you are dealing with a different type of bastard here. He wants blood now, no money. Redemption is in front of us," Scott wrote.

New fight

It’s certainly a sportingly laudable “Bronze Bomber” stance, but the question is what he can change to keep the same thing from happening to him in February 2020, when Fury initially demolished him in the ring and then finished in the seventh round.

Of course, if Wilder truly believes in all the excuses he made after the match, from too heavy a costume to someone poisoning his water, it is possible that he is confident that with good conditions he will present a completely different picture.

Bob Arum has already given July 24 as a suggested match date, which is early enough for Fury to get ready for the fall match against Joshua as well, if all goes according to plan and records a win against Wilder. According to the court's decision, the deadline for the match is September 15, but Wilder and his representatives have not yet decided what they prefer.

In fact, this statement by Scott is the first to appear in the media after the court decision. It remains to be seen how things will turn out. Certainly, this is a shock to Fury given the fight he was supposed to have with Joshua.

Will Fury be able to change something and reach the desired goal? It’s certainly hard to guess at this point